What we look to provide

  • 01.

    To make sure you leave our store feeling happy with a purchase you may have or even if you leave empty handed we hope your heart is full, and we gain a friend!!

  • 02.

    We hope to be able to have clothes that fit you specifically!! We hate this new idea of you having to fit into the those rather than them fitting you. It puts a bad image in your head of you should change yourself and we cannot be having that.

  • 03.

    Listening to the customer and be able to have the right answers to any questions you may have is our top priority. Communication is key in any relationship and we do not allow any toxicity into our relationship with you my dear.

  • 04.

    Fair pricing!! Boutiques these days are getting crazy with their pricing, which some brands we completely understand. But $70 for a basic crop and!? That is insane to us, we just want to be fair to you love.

Our story

This is a boutique that is being ran by a beautiful mother named Dixie and her daughter Nora. This is something we have dreamed about for years worked from the ground up with nothing but blood sweat and tears… and coffee. We are both very tall women that understand the struggle that comes with clothes not fitting the body right, which is why we try to offer a wide variety of options for our shorter girls and taller girls. And not only do we strive for height compatibility with clothes but also right in size! As we grow we hope to be able to carry more and more sizes so that everyone can feel good about themselves when coming into our store, and if we don’t have your size yet just please contact us and let us know so that we can help you and be able to provide for you better in the future.

Love, zavros’s

Orange beach, Al